Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the hell are you doing

What the hell have you being doing?

What are you on about now?

Look at that friggen widget at the side. You've written heaps of crap since the last post. Why didn't you tell me about it

Because you're a rude arsehole. Everytime I tell you about a new story I wrote you insult me, and I am sick of it

Oh - don't get all pissy about it. I'm only joking, and I always read what you have to say. Even if what you write is worse than the puss from a tropical ulcer on a baboons arse!

See - there I knew it. You're such an idioit - I didn't even bring this up and you still find a way to insult me. I'm not talking to you anymore. Go get stuffed.

Fine then. I'll post the links myself. Not like it's rocket scient you big girl's blouse.


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